Brand: Nixita
Product Code: S0001


Soft and comfortable chiffon scarf from high quality fabric, printed with sublimation with your photos, drawings, text.

Please, send us your photos in the section Meet your seller at the bottom or include a link to download it

Soft and comfortable chiffon scarf from high quality fabric, printed with sublimation. Colors, printed with sublimation are permanent and do not fade over time.
Our print on demand service contributes to a better use of resources, enhancing creativity, using sublimation as one of the most sustainable dying processes. Sublimation printing creates absolutely zero waste and there is no need for water in the dyeing process.

The scarf itself is light and silky in touch, breathable, skin-friendly and comfortable. Suitable for many occasions: parties, dances, churches, weddings, proms, family trips, birthdays.
The scarf is very suitable for a night out when it gets colder. It is a perfect gift for women - friends and family.

♡♡♡♡ What are the benefits to use this service?
- Keep your memories on a scarf
- Create original presents for your friends and family
- Create matching designs with other products
- Possess unique products that no one else has

Please send us one or more photos / images through the chat window or upload them anywhere and send us a link to download them. For better results please send the biggest possible images. If you require text to be added as well, please send the text and instructions. We will get back to you with the design before printing and you can make small changes.

♡♡♡♡ Photo ideas
This design uses small images that we arranged in an attractive way. We used images representing Finland. You can send us images representing your country, or you can decide to make a scarf with photos of your favorite objects. If you send us images on plain background we can remove the background and make an appealing design.
What else can you decide to print? You can send us to print your favorite photo from your last trip, a photo of your house or garden, which you are proud of, a photo of your pet, family photos, a photo of your favorite flowers or any photo that is a special memory for you or for the person you want to give the scarf as a gift. We can adjust the colors of the scarf to match your photo.

* Please note, that there might be a difference in the size of the ready item of 1-2 cm.

** Made in Europe

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